December 3, 2014

Marketing Consultant

I am available to work for you or your organisation as a marketing consultant for both online and offline projects.

Outsourced, Independent Marketing

If you’re looking to outsource the marketing for your organisation I can offer a professional and results driven service. I can draw on over 10 years experience in the online marketing sector, helping to improve the exposure and reputation of your business.

Social Media & PR

Social media has become one of the most important (if not the most important) source of Public Relations and promotion for your organisation. Working with you, I can provide expert advice and guidance on how to utilise social media to create and maintain a strong, professional and engaging online and offline presence.


I can act on behalf of your business to attend networking events in a professional and knowledgeable capacity, helping to create a lasting impression on behalf of your organisation.

Branding and Identity

If you’re interested in creating a lasting image and identity for your organisation I can help you to create a visually striking re-branding or branding, along with a professional message and visual identity.


Information like website traffic, social media engagement and the success of individual projects can be tracked in order to improve the services I can offer.