My ADHD Journey

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Hi, I’m Jay, nice to meet you.


If you are interested in working with me, it would be helpful for you to understand why I have chosen to help people like you. I want to support and encourage startups, entrepreneurs and people who have amazing ideas but are maybe struggling to promote them and bring ideas to life. I understand how difficult it can be to manage your marketing, I found it difficult too, more difficult than most – and I found ways of making it easier! 


I worked for almost 20 years as a marketing manager in a variety of different businesses. I sometimes struggled with fine details, organisation and remembering things. What I did not know at this point was that I had undiagnosed ADHD.


You may be asking yourself – “How would having ADHD make someone a better marketing coach?” 


Well, after being diagnosed I had realisations about many things in work-life and personal life. One of the biggest realisations was how I managed to make marketing easier for myself. 


At first, ADHD had made it difficult for me to get organised, plan long-term and keep things interesting. But this turned out to be a strength, I’d been forced to find better ways to organise, plan and maintain focus.


I’ve tried many methods, tools and platforms and needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses so I could stay productive. I want to share how I developed methods to make marketing less confusing, broke big tasks up into smaller parts, organised myself and got great results.


I can share my methods with you to help keep things simple with bespoke marketing methods – that can be built around you and your unique obstacles.


People With ADHD Need Support

The ADHD diagnosis made me reflect on how brave I had been. I was struggling but somehow I always seemed to get (most) things done properly. I was good at my job and I enjoyed many parts of it – it was just too difficult to enjoy it consistently. If only I’d had support! If only I had realised I had ADHD sooner! What would I have done? What would my life be like now? It’s easy to get pulled into a story like that but what matters is now. 


What matters now is that I can help people like you who may be living life on hard mode. I have over 20 years of experience in digital, marketing and SEO and I found ways to get results.


I want to share my methods with you and I want to support and encourage you to reach your goals. I want to be the person I needed so badly when I was struggling with marketing, managing and organisation. I want to make things simple for you because marketing can be fun, interesting and easy if it’s broken down into steps and not taken too seriously!


I had a lifetime experience of working with the shackles on and now they are off – I have clarity, I have decided to do what I want to do and you can too. I want to help you to express yourself through your business and lighten the load.


I can set up a tailored, step-by-step guide that works for you. A bespoke approach that cuts out all of the annoying marketing lingo, nonsense, time-wasting, and boring ‘have tos’.


You can also hire me as your personal marketing coach for 90 days.


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Being Yourself

If you have ADHD then you are neurodivergent. If you are neurodivergent then you have a very unique way of thinking. Your individuality and your uniqueness is a treasure chest full of amazing ideas and original concepts. Neurodivergent people like you challenge the norm, are disrupters and are influential. 


The best way to express all of your individuality is by being completely comfortable with who you are – your authentic self. And the best way to make an impact? Share your take on things. When this is coming from you, not your ego, not your facade – you – that is when people sit up and take notice. That is when people are fully engaged in what you are offering.


Before you get the attention of your target audience you need a plan. How are you going to share your plan? How are you going to make sure the right people see what you are offering? How are you going to add your uniqueness to your offer?


I can help you to do all of this through a clear step-by-step plan that is informed by your needs. What works for you? What type of marketing do you hate doing? What do you love doing? What is the most effective way to reach your audience? All of these elements and more add to a very effective plan for you to reach your goals.

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