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Jay Connolly | Digital Growth Coach

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Find out how to get quick-wins, reach your target audience, increase your online visibilty and convert visitors into sales. Plus more…

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Simplified Digital Marketing Support for You and Your Businesses

About Me

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit my offer to you. I understand the frustrations you may have around marketing and promoting your own business online and I am here to help.

I have over 20 years experience in digital marketing. I have achieved great results in several different business types from sole traders to corporate.

I take a trauma informed approach to coaching, meaning that I take your emotional capacity, unique circumstances and capability into account – with care.

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What Can I Do For You?

I’ve created a offer especially for businesses based in Merseyside.

I’m based in Liverpool myself and I understand frustrations business owners may have with digital marketing.

I want to support local business owners who may feel stuck, unsure of what steps to take to improve their visibility online and people who may feel let down by an agency.

My approach is completely transparent. I will tell you how much marketing should cost and whether marketing advice you have been given is accurate.

By completing my quiz you’ll be providing me with enough information to have a good understanding of your online presence.

If you’d like to go ahead and book a call after you’ve completed your quiz, then I’ll be able to offer simplified advice on what will help you to get more customers.

Digital Audit

I can check what the possibilities are for you online. Where are there gaps for your product or service? What are your new competitors doing? What can we learn from them? Where do you fit in this online space?

Online Business Boost

Once I have received your quiz results. I will take time to learn about your long-term and short-term goals. Understand how you work then create a simple, step-by-step, practical plan.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Let's see how we can add your uniqueness into your branding. We will work out how to make you stand out from the crowd by drawing on your individuality, using your authentic voice to make an impact.

Target The Right Audience

I will research your target audience and work out a strategy to show them what you are offering. Let's make sure you are showing your brand to the right people - with an accurate target audience strategy.

Promote Your Knowledge

Your expertise can help build a brand that your audience trusts. Let's see how we can position you as an expert in your business. Your customers will feel confident knowing that they have chosen a brand that understands their needs.

Practical Workload Plans

In order for your digital marketing plan to be effective, it would help if you followed a clear plan. I can show you ways of integrating a clear set of marketing steps into your routine. Your marketing plan can flourish with a clear list of steps that are in sync with your life.

Online Automation

I can show you how to create a sales funnel that keeps customers coming back. Did someone leave something in their basket but not check out? Let's remind them and offer them a discount for coming back. This is just one way we can trigger a bot to help you out.

Online App Lessons

Want to learn how to use a particular piece of software or an app? I can show you via Zoom. We can set up online meetings where I take you through how to use digital tools to get you results. Learn skills that may last you a lifetime, build confidence and save money.

Analytics Without Nonsense

I can help you to create a weekly or monthly analytics report - so you can track the data that helps you to grow. It's not just about Google Analytics, we can record user activity and learn how people are interacting with your business.

Let's Get You On Google

I can help you get your website ready for search engines. I can show you how to build a solid platform for Google so that it can grow organically into high positions in searches for profitable keywords. I can show you how to optimise your maps listing and get quality backlinks.

Scheduled Video Support

You can set up accountability meetings with me for support implementing your digital marketing plan. It's good to have someone on your team who wants you to succeed!

Simplified & Prioritised

Whether you are an experienced marketer or someone with no digital skills I can help you. If there seems to be too many tasks to take care of I'll help you to condense what is important into a plan that you can follow when you have the time.

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