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4 Key Elements to Success

Support from your own personal marketing coach can help you stay on track, motivate you, and organise your next steps. Book a free discovery call to start your marketing mentor program. For bespoke, clear, simplified and actionable marketing steps.

1. Accountability

2. Planning

3. Creativity

4. Growth!

How I Can Help You

12 Core Marketing Coaching Features!

Always Audit

Complete online marketing audit and report. I will identify any gaps and opportunities you may have missed. You will receive a report that contains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Your first planning 1:1 session follows this, your first step to victory!

Simple Steps Plan

Simplified, no nonsense, bespoke marketing plan. I will outline a plan from the audit, and work with you to customise the plan based on how you work. This short and long-term plan will be customised and simplified for your working style and will include easy-to-follow instructions. Step-by-step!

Uniquely You

Brand Guidelines including PDF. I will work with you to identify what can be improved about your branding. Is it unique? Does it stand out? Does it feel authentic? etc.. We will take your brand to the next level by getting creative and making it shine, and I will produce professional brand guidelines for you based on the outcome.

Seek, Show & Tell

Target audience strategy. We will identify your typical customer/follower/client, understand their interests and habits, and then take steps to ensure that they see your brand. We will then work out any alternative ways for your dormant audience to be targeted and map out a customer path that leads to sales.

You're The Expert

We will work out how to let customers, followers, or potential clients know that you are an expert in your chosen field. We'll position your brand in hard-to-ignore places, educating, building trust, and helping you to stand out from your competition. Then we can plan engaging content based around education and know-how.

Planning You Can Stick To​

Together with your digital marketing mentor, you can see how to improve your marketing planning. If you struggle to stick to a plan I will show you how to become friends with your next steps, and we will work together to build a system that works for you. Sometimes the easiest methods are the best!

Team Auto-Bot

Automation setup & guidance. I will show you ways of automating certain tasks that you may not have the time or the capacity for. Some fiddly tasks can take too much time and energy, and eventually hit you in the pocket. We will see where we can use automation or bots that can manage the boring stuff so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.

Teach Me

1-hour training session. 1:1 simplified video training on a digital platform or app that you can't work out, want to learn, or need guidance with. I can go through my methods of using the platform, and if I haven't used it, I will work it out and then show you. There are not many programs around that I haven't worked with. Excludes Microsoft Excel! 😅

Tracking Made Simple

Analytics and tracking. Want to learn more about your audiences? Do you find it difficult or boring to use Google Analytics? I can set up a customised report for you that automatically updates itself and only displays the information that is important to you. We can also look at other tracking tools that may benefit you.

Make Sense of Google

I can teach you the basics of search engine optimisation and give you some valuable tips, helping your website to be found in search engines. I will cut out all the confusing bits and give you clear instructions on what steps to take to get found on Google and other search engines. High, unpaid placements for the right keywords can create consistent, long-term revenue.

How's It Going?

12 x Weekly 1:1 Accountability and Support Sessions. It's hard working alone, and having someone on your side who is willing you on to succeed can bring you balance and a much needed boost. I will try to untangle any issues you've faced and put you back on track. We will check in each week to see how you are getting on and I will fully support you each time.
You are not alone!

Need Me?

90-day Whatsapp & Email Support. Stuck with something? I'm only a message away and I will always do my best to get back to you quickly. I am on your team and here when you need me! Sometimes just venting a work-related frustration can be enough to help. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a solution or you may spend too much time trying to work it out yourself. Send me a message, and we will work it out!

Personal Coaching Packages

What's Included?

  • Always Audit - Complete Marketing Audit and Report
  • Simple Steps Plan - Simplified, No Nonsense and Bespoke Marketing Plan
  • Uniquely You - Brand Guidelines and PDF
  • You're The Expert - Authority Building Plan
  • Planning You Can Stick To - Bespoke Task Planning and Accountability
  • Seek, Show & Tell - Target Audience and Strategy
  • Team Auto-Bot - Automation Setup and Guidance
  • Teach Me - 1x 1:1 Simplified Video Training on a Program or App
  • Tracking Made Simple - Analytics, Tracking and Report
  • Make Sense of Google - Ranking Factors Untangled
  • How is it Going? - 12 x Weekly 1:1 Accountability and Support Sessions
  • Need Me? 90-day Whatsapp and Email Support

Unique Marketing Experience

For over 20 years I worked in many different marketing positions from high-level corporate-style marketing manager roles, to managing the marketing for a charity with zero budget. I have worked alone, I have worked in a team, I worked in a partnership. Each position provided different challenges, approaches, tone of voice, tools and expectations.


I’ve learned so much in such a varied career. I have gained loads of knowledge, learned so much and used my own methods to get results.


I’m On Your Team

It’s important to define what makes you stand out in these situations – my unique experiences of different marketing techniques do set me aside but, the thing I am most proud of, is what I am doing now – helping people who are struggling to make their dreams become a reality.


People who may be held back by anxiety, ADHD or a lack of confidence. I’ve been there, I know how hard it can be, and I am now ready to share what I have learned to people like you. I care about people like you and I want you to break down your barriers, I want you to win.


Being ADHD-diagnosed, and trauma-informed – I understand the (often unusual) challenges you may face in managing or understanding marketing for you or your business.


I’m completely non-judgemental and want to cultivate a safe space for the people I coach to be themselves.


If you want to see how I can help you and your unique set of challenges, you can book a free discovery call below. Let’s see how I can help you.


Thank you for reading.




Digital Marketing Coach and Digital Marketing Mentor UK.

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Jay Connolly – Digital Success Coach and Marketing Mentor UK.

"The thing I am most proud of, is what I am doing now - helping people who are struggling to make their dreams become a reality. People who may be held back by anxiety, ADHD or a lack of confidence. I have been there and I am now ready to share what I have learned with you. I care about people like you and I want to help you break down your barriers, I want you to win!"

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