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I’m Jay, thank you for visiting my website. Your interest and business really means a lot to me.

If you are interested in working with me, it would be helpful for you to understand how I can help you. I want to support and encourage start-ups, entrepreneurs and people who have amazing ideas but are maybe struggling to promote them and bring their ideas to life.

I understand how difficult it can be to manage your marketing, I found it difficult too, and I found ways of making it easier! 

I worked for almost 20 years as a marketing manager in a variety of different businesses. I sometimes struggled with fine details and organisation. I didn’t understand why – I just accepted that it was hard.

What I did not know at this point was that I had undiagnosed ADHD, this is why I sometimes struggled with fine details. And this is how I worked out how to keep things simple.

A Simplified Approach to Digital Marketing

You may ask yourself, “How would having ADHD make someone a better at digital marketing?” 

Well, after being diagnosed I had realisations about many things in both my work and personal life. One of the biggest realisations was how I’d managed to make marketing easier for myself. 

Looking back, at the beginning of my marketing career the undiagnosed ADHD had made it difficult for me to get organised, plan long-term and keep things interesting. And today, I have realised how it was actually a strength. I had needed to find better ways to organise, simplify, plan and maintain focus. 

I developed an ability to condense complex problems or goals into simple, actionable steps. This method of simplifying has proved to be effective wherever I worked.

I have experience using many methods, digital tools, apps and platforms. I can help you to untangle what you actually need to achieve your goals.

I want to share how I developed methods to make marketing less confusing, broke big tasks into smaller parts, organised myself and got great results.

I can share my methods with you to help keep things simple with bespoke marketing methods. Simplified digital marketing steps that can be built around you and your unique obstacles.

Jay Connolly Marketing Coach

Startups | Entrepreneurs | Influencers

If you are a new startup, entrepreneur or business owner, I can help you with marketing. I can help make it easier.

Would you like me to help you to…

  • Simplify your next steps?
  • Build on your strengths?
  • Make you stand out and shine?
  • Identify gaps and weaknesses?
  • Build your marketing confidence?
  • Show you tools and apps that can make your life easier?
  • Show you how to track visitors and conversions?
  • Create a bespoke marketing guide that cuts out any jargon?
  • Offer support on a regular basis to help with accountability?

There are many more marketing frustrations I may be able to help you to untangle!

You can book a free discovery call, tell me what you need help with – then we can come up with a clear plan.

Boost Your Brand

Is your brand struggling to make an impact? Does it stand out from your competition? If you are not getting the attention of your target audience you need a plan. How are you going to put your plan into action? How are you going to make sure the right people see what you are offering? How are you going to add your uniqueness to your offer?

I can help you to simplify this through a clear and completely bespoke step-by-step plan.

What works for you?

What type of marketing do you hate doing?

What do you love doing?

What is the most effective way to reach your audience?

All of these elements and more add to a very effective digital marketing plan for you to reach your goals.

Thank you.

Jay Connolly, Digital Marketing Coach

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