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10 Useful Tips For Coming Up With A New Blog Name

I’ve put together a list of 10 useful tips for coming up with a new blog name. Why? Because I just searched the same thing an hour ago and I couldn’t find anything I liked, but I’m really fussy so maybe it’s just me. I am also writing this with my hyperfocus well and truly activated at 3 am.


I have been sitting here cringing since I wrote down ideas for my new blog section, the blog section that this post is under. The truly cringe names I wrote down are at the bottom of this post. If your name is Jay or your name rhymes with Jay, AND you like bad puns then you are in for a treat.

Also, because this is my blog I am not going to use stock photos of, say the word “blog” spelt out in a Scrabble tray or a stock photo of someone sitting on a computer with the word “BLOG” on the screen, look there are millions here if you need to look at them for some reason.


So here’s a more interesting photo of a monkey I saw that reminded me of Michael Caine. ➡➡➡


Here are 10 Useful Tips For Coming Up With A New Blog Name. I typed that exact same sentence earlier, but now it’s bold. If I repeat the keywords a few times then I have a better chance of getting a good ranking for this blog.

monkey looks like michael caine
Monkey that looks like Michael Caine

1. Use a blog name generator

If your heart isn’t in this then just cheat. Use one of those name generator websites but don’t put too much info into the empty fields. If one of the fields asks for your mother’s maiden name or your pet’s name then leave the website immediately.

I’ll have a look for one – be right back…

I’m back, look at this one, it’s made by Wix and it’s really really bad. If you know what Wix is then you already knew it would be bad. If you have ever had a Wix website then I hope you have recovered from the stress that the page builder and the whole experience caused.

I couldn’t find a good one. I don’t think there is a good one. If you find one then leave a comment. How would a good blog name generator work? What information would it need to generate a ‘good name’? How would it be defined as a good blog name generator? I’m adding more key phrases here if you didn’t notice. The best blog name generator. Not hopeful about that last key phrase getting anywhere near the first page, to be honest.

2. Make a word up that doesn’t make sense then invent a reason why you came up with it

Bands and musicians do this all the time for song names. Invent a word that you like the sound of and make up a reason why it makes sense. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s easy to remember and unique then you have created a brand name. You could try combining 2 words together to make something completely new.

So call your blog a made-up name then pretend it means something if you want.

3. Call it ‘Blog’

There you have it, the best tip on the page. Just call it Blog. Is it a blog? If yes > then call it Blog. If it’s not a blog you could call it ‘Not a Blog’, I bet no one has thought of that 😒

Maybe it’s more like a collection of posts that are helpful to the reader. You could call it ‘Resources’, but that sounds too serious to me. ‘Guide’ maybe? Are you an expert in something? Call it: *INSERT EXPERTISE* Guide.

If you are not here looking for help thinking of a name for a blog then don’t call your blog anything, you don’t need to do anything. You probably don’t have a blog do you? If you don’t have one then you could make one like this, but it’ll more than likely be much better than this.

If you don’t want to create a blog then you absolutely do not have to. You don’t have to do anything in fact. If you want something fun to do though then here is a suggestion off the top of my head: make sure your curtains or blinds are closed, stand in the middle of your room, stretch your arms out wide, and then spin around really fast for ages until you fall over. Make sure there are no sharp corners around. If you have a bike helmet put that on to be extra careful.

4. Use abbreviations for your blog name

For example Blogger Loving Online Games – would be BLOG. 🤨 Another example would be: Human Online, Writing Dedicated Informative Data, That Has A Thoughtful, Humourous And Pleasingly Published Editorial Niche – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN 🙁.

You can think of a word that you like and then just reach really far try to make each letter form the first letter of a word form a sentence. I can’t work out if that makes sense but I’m leaving it in. I’m on 1037 words and the placement I want in Google averages 2570 to 3855 words so bear with me please.

5. Use alliterations

Have I only done 4? I’m struggling here to be honest. So alliterations, words put together that sound similar somehow but aren’t? I need to check if that’s right… No it’s not quite right: “the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.” Yeah you can do that. Like Bing Bong Long Blog, is that one? You can use that one.

It’s really late so I’m coming back to this tomorrow. This is taking far longer than I expected.

Bonus Tip 5a: TRY having a dream about an amazing blog name. Before you go to sleep concentrate really hard on dreaming about the perfect name or try to dream about meeting Charles Dickens, Shakespeare or John Milton and ask them. If the name appears to you in a dream then write it down. 

6. Use Your Own Name

If your name is Billy Blogpost then that’s just perfect. Just “Jay’s Blog” would be perfectly fine, to be honest, but fine is not good enough though is it?

Use your business name + blog. Or your business name + resources. 

7. Use Your Favourite Quote

Like trying to get blood from a stone comes to mind right now, not sure why, so: “Blood from a stone” or “Blog from a stone”.  What about another saying that just randomly popped into my head “You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear” – Blog section would be called: “The Pig’s Ear”. Dibs on that, I might use that one. There are literally hundreds here.


8. Use Your Own Saying or Motto

Don’t force it.
Go with the flow. That’s something I think about quite often but not sure it applies here.  Two more “useful” tips left to think of for this list. I can do it, I believe in myself, I’ve got this.

Don’t force it, don’t force it, don’t force it.

9. Shoehorn your name into a song lyric

I just called to Jay I loved you. Nope. 

10. Use puns for your blog title

I love puns so I saved this for last. What ryhmes with your name or your business name? See if you can force it into a popular saying, film title or song. Like I have 😬 …

As promised, here are the cringe puns I came up with for the name of my blog. I absolutely loved writing this part…

  • Every Dog Has Its Jay
  • Red Letter Jay
  • Jay It By Ear
  • Let’s Call It a Jay
  • The Jay of the Locust
  • You Can Jay That Again
  • That’s the Jay the Cookie Crumbles
  • Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Jay?
  • Jay “hello” to My Little Friend!
  • Fifty Shades of Jay
  • Die Another Jay
  • Darling Buds of Jay
  • Where There’s a Will, There’s a Jay
  • Jay Cheese!
  • Another Jay, Another Dollar
  • Jay of Sunshine
  • Jay In, Jay Out
  • Jay After Jay
  • An Apple a Jay Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Give a Man a Fish and You Will Feed Him For a Jay