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Business Support for People with Anxiety.

Digital Marketing Made Simple for All

Before I show you how I can help people who feel like anxiety or mood disorders might be holding them back: let’s look at more important issues.

Anxiety disorders affect millions of people each year. They include panic disorder, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). These disorders cause intense feelings of fear, worry, and/or nervousness that interfere with daily life. You are not alone! If you need urgent help, PLEASE talk to someone.

Here are some useful contacts who will listen to you and support you.

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Please note – I am not a medical professional. Please seek out advice from your Doctor for expert advice. I would like to share some tips for you, just in case they help someone in some way.


If you're struggling with an anxiety disorder, there are things you can do to take care of yourself. First, talk to your doctor about getting treatment. Second, try to find support groups where you can share experiences with others who understand what you're going through. Third, try to eat well and exercise regularly. Finally, learn how to manage your symptoms so you can function better at work and home.

Talk to Someone

You might not realise it, but people around you can provide a lot of emotional support when you need it. Whether it's a friend, family member, coworker, or even a stranger, having someone to lean on can really help you feel better. I know how hard it is, but dig deep for the courage to talk to someone about what you are dealing with.

Seek Counseling

If you're struggling with anxiety or depression, there are many ways to find professional counselling services. There are also many effective methods of therapy including Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems and Relationship Therapy. Please search Google for local, free support and see what options are available to you.

Stress Management

If you feel overwhelmed with stress, there are many effective ways to manage it. You can learn how to relax and reduce stress through meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, writing down your feelings and more. Try a small change, take a shower, tidy up or go outside for a walk. It might help you to improve your anxiety.

Anxiety Aware Digital Marketing Coach

10+ Online Business Features to Help Make Marketing Less Stressful

Always Audit

I will complete a full audit of your online presence then create an easy-to-follow guide. Following these steps can result in quick improvements. This is the first step towards reaching your goals!

Simple Steps Plan

First I will get to understand how you work and what makes things easier for you. Then I can build an easy-to-follow plan, informed by your barriers and workstyle.

Uniquely You

I can help you to add your own voice to your brand. Let's find out how we can add more of what makes your brand special - more of you! I can create a brand book for you to make styling your brand easier.

Seek, Show & Tell

I will show you how to eliminate money-draining marketing tasks. I can show you how to make sure your ideal customer sees you and design a message that sells.

You're The Expert

Let's tap into your expertise. You have knowledge and skills that no one else does. I can help you to build this into a plan that promotes audience trust in what you are offering.

Planning You Can Stick To​

Fed up of using planners, remembering to schedule tasks etc? I can show you effective and practical planning tools and methods. Let's work to improve your routine.

Team Auto-Bot

There are some marketing tasks that are incredibly time-consuming or just plain boring. I can show you where you can use bots to do that stressful stuff for you. When you think about it, these robots are providing a therapeutic service!

Teach Me

Is there a platform or app that you can't get your head around? I have 20 years experience using more software and programs than I can remember. I can help you via a 1 to 1 video call, with patient and clear instructions. I'll then provide you with a clear guide.

Tracking Made Simple

There's a lot of value in understanding what your audience is doing. However, analytics data can sometimes seem like a jumbled mess. I will give you the important bits in an automated, weekly or monhtly report.

Make Sense of Google

I have seen many eyes glaze over when search engine optimisation is mentioned. Call me weird but I love it. I'll show you how to get ranked, get website hits from your target audience and make more sales organically.

How's It Going?

Want ongoing support? We can set up weekly video or phone calls to check-in. My patient and understanding approach will help you to express your marketing barriers and frustrations. Sharing the issues you may have faced or the successes you have had can help you to build confidence in your brand and what you are doing.

Need Me?

You can hire me for virtually live support. Have a question that needs answering now? Need something fixed on the same day? Send me an instant message or email and I will get back to you. Usually quicker than expected! I will not hide from you, I am on your team and want you to succeed. I understand how important your needs are.

Online Business Coaching Package

Stress-Free Marketing Support
  • Clear Audit - Complete Online Audit and Step-by-Step Report
  • Simple Steps Plan - Simplified, Stress-Free Marketing Plan
  • Uniquely You - Anxiety Busting Creative Branding Session
  • You're The Expert - Show and Prove That You Know Your Subject - Fearlessly
  • Planning You Can Stick To - Anxiety-Informed Planning and Accountability
  • Seek, Show & Tell - Let’s Make Sure Your Target Audience Sees You
  • Team Auto-Bot - Ease Stress With The Help of Automated Tasks
  • Teach Me - A Patient and Helpful Lesson On Any Digital Platform
  • Tracking Made Simple - Understand Tracking: Without Overkill
  • Make Sense of Google - Ranking Explained, Without The Headachegled
  • How is it Going? - Weekly, Patient and Supportive Accountability
  • Need Me? Stuck? No Need to Worry! WhatsApp & Email Support

Stress Free Marketing Support

I have worked under stress and anxiety for my whole career, that is – until last year. I have learned to change my mindset, reprogram my nervous system and become mindful of my scared parts. Fear and stress no longer operate my body and mind. This has enabled me to leave the comfort of a 9-5 job and do what I want to do most. To utilise my experience in marketing and my personal experiences in overcoming burnout and depression. I can share my methods with you to help you fearlessly market your business – in a stress-free way.

Let's Keep it Simple

Marketing tasks can be incredibly frustrating. It can be time-consuming and stressful to do things like get listed in Google, set up platforms, manage analytics etc…

There are easier ways of doing things and I am here to help you with that. I dive deep into your online platforms and use my experience to find out what can be simplified and improved. I can work with you to create a simple step plan that isn’t full of nonsense and marketing lingo. We will get clear on your goals then I will show you a step-by-step plan to get there. I can help you identify quick wins so you have confidence that our plan will work.

This is a dedicated package for online business anxiety coaching. Let me know what is causing you stress in your business and I will do my best to help. My support is safe, understanding and strictly confidential.

I want to helping people who are being held back by stress and anxiety. I have been there and I am now ready to share what I have learned with you. I care about you and I want to help you break down your barriers, I want to help you reach your goals.