Digital Marketing for Startups.

Keeping it simple.

Simplified Digital Marketing for Startups

Starting a business online requires a lot of planning and preparation. It’s important to understand how to set goals, manage finances, and create a plan for success.

So, you’ve decided what type of start-up you want to pursue. You can begin exploring marketing support options or get expert help from an experienced marketing mentor.

Time to start creating a website, building an email list, and social media presence and getting your new name out there.

A business plan is also an essential part of any startup. It will help you define what you need to do to succeed. This includes identifying your product or service, determining your market, setting up your sales strategy, and creating a budget. Your marketing plan should go hand in hand with this.

If you’re looking for funding, you should start by talking with investors who understand start-ups. They will help you determine whether your idea has potential and how much money you might need to launch.

Professional Digital Marketing for Startups

Congratulations! You have made a bold step into a new adventure and the future is in your hands! Do you have a great business idea and business plan but lack the digital know-how to promote it online? You can hire a coach to get support to start a business on the internet…

I can help you identify where to start, what platforms you will need and how to make them work. I have supported all kinds of businesses to help them make an impact online and I can share my knowledge with you.

We can work together to build a solid marketing plan that works for you. A plan that is easy to follow and is informed by your budget, skill level and resources. It’s not easy to find the best support to start a business online. There are many agencies and platforms that promise to dedicate time to you but fail to deliver.

Specialised digital marketing services for startups. Support from someone who works with you and wants to understand your goals can be your key to success.

You can hire me as your personal marketing coach and I can help you create a plan and show you how to make it work. If you want help with a specific area, whether it’s social media, SEO, PPC or anything else online – I can support you with that.

Consider booking a marketing support call. I’d be more than happy to meet with you to see how I can help you.

digital marketing for startups

Over 12 Core Digital Marketing for Startups Features

Digital Audit

I can check what the possibilities are for you online. Where are there gaps for your product or service? What are your new competitors doing? What can we learn from them? Where do you fit in this online space?

Online Startup Plan

Once we have looked at the digital audit we can work on a plan. I will take time to learn about your long-term and short-term goals. Understand how you work then create a simple, step-by-step, practical plan.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Let's see how we can add your uniqueness into your branding. We will work out how to make you stand out from the crowd by drawing on your individuality, using your authentic voice to make an impact.

Target The Right Audience

I will research your target audience and work out a strategy to show them what you are offering. Let's make sure you are showing your brand to the right people - with an accurate target audience strategy.

Promote Your Knowledge

Your expertise can help build a brand that your audience trusts. Let's see how we can position you as an expert in your business. Your customers will feel confident knowing that they have chosen a brand that understands their needs.

Practical Workload Plans

In order for your digital marketing plan to be effective, it would help if you followed a clear plan. I can show you ways of integrating a clear set of marketing steps into your routine. Your marketing plan can flourish with a clear list of steps that are in sync with your life.

Online Automation

I can show you how to create a sales funnel that keeps customers coming back. Did someone leave something in their basket but not check out? Let's remind them and offer them a discount for coming back. This is just one way we can trigger a bot to help you out.

Online App Lessons

Want to learn how to use a particular piece of software or an app? I can show you via Zoom. We can set up online meetings where I take you through how to use digital tools to get you results. Learn skills that may last you a lifetime, build confidence and save money.

Analytics Without Nonsense

I can create a weekly or monthly report for you - so you can track the data that helps you to grow. It's not just about Google Analytics, we can record user activity, identify companies and learn how people are interacting with your business.

Let's Get You On Google

I can help you get your website ready for search engines. I can help you build a solid platform for Google so that it can grow organically into high positions in searches for profitable keywords. I can show you how to optimise your maps listing and get quality backlinks.

Scheduled Video Support

You can set up weekly accountability meetings with me for support in implementing your digital marketing plan. It's good to have someone on your team who wants you to succeed.

Instant Messaging

Include this in your package and I can be on hand to answer you 7 days a week. Sometimes you need support immediately. I will always do my very best to be there for you when you need marketing support.

Digital Marketing for Startups Features

Online Business Support Features Available
  • Digital Audit - Online Marketing Audit and Bespoke Next Steps
  • Online Startup Plan - Simplified, Easy-to-Follow Action Plan
  • Stand Out From The Crowd​ - Branding Booster with Unique Brand Book
  • Promote Your Knowledge - Help Becoming Recognised as an Expert in Your Subject
  • Practical Workload Plans - Actionable, Achievable and Practial Planner Setup
  • Target The Right Audience - Put Your Brand In View of Potential Customers
  • Online Automation - Help With Automating Time-Consuming Tasks
  • Online App Lessons - Conscientious and Patient Live Software Training
  • Analytics Without Nonsense - I’ll Produce a Regular & Helpful Analytics Report
  • Let's Get You On Google - Help With Getting Ranked Highly In Google
  • Scheduled Video Support - Weekly, Supportive Zoom Catch-Ups
  • Instant Messaging - WhatsApp & Email Support

Expert Support to Start a Business Online

Find out how my digital marketing for startups program can support you to help your business make a big impact online. We can discuss your goals, your brand and your skillset so we can work out a practical plan of action. 

I have helped several business start-ups grow into profitable businesses and I can do the same for you. There are thousands of ways to help you get seen online. I can help you to identify the methods that will get you seen by the right people.

I want you to succeed. Starting a new business venture online can seem like a mammoth task. I can show you how to eat an elephant! Let’s break the pathway to your goals down into manageable actions.

Your brand is just waiting to explode online! Let’s build a solid online platform that grows into an influential, profitable business.

Accountability, understanding and support to start a business on the internet.

digital marketing for startups

Support to Start A Business FAQ

These days you can literally start an online business with just a laptop and internet connection. Let’s look at ways to get support to start a business online.

There are so many free social platforms and tools that you can use to make a successful brand. Choosing the right tools and platforms for what you are promoting can be difficult. If you have limited funds consider creating a Facebook page, setup your social media platforms and promote it. 

The best place to start is having your own business website. You can clearly state your mission, use your tone of voice and make your brand shine with a unique style.

The possibilities are endless! A digital marketing mentor can help you to identify exactly what you need and where to start. 

A digital marketing coach can help anyone who owns a business. Whether you are a new startup or a small business owner wanting to take your brand to the next level – the best marketing coaches can help you work out a plan for success.

You can do this for free by using free social media tools and expressing your brand skillfully. If you have a fearless mentality you can put yourself front and centre of your business, upload videos of yourself discussing your brand and encourage engagement.

There are hundreds of methods for building a successful business online. You can start for free using social media or build a professional website as a base and branch out from there. 

Costs for starting a successful online business range from ZERO investment to much much more!

A digital marketing mentor can help you identify how much you need and ensure that your investment is spent wisely.

You could set yourself up as an influencer. Share videos of yourself talking passionately about what you love. Show the world your individuality without fear and the followers and engagement will come to you. 

Once you have established a big enough following you can offer businesses advertising packages on your social media channels.

If you’re a more private person you could look into reselling. Reselling the products and services of others can earn you a fortune if done right. Build a website around your main interest – something you are passionate about. Next, search for Affiliate Programs to sign up for that sell products or services relating to your website.

If your website is generating a lot of traffic you will be making a profit just from reselling someone elses products. This can also be a great option for a way of making money on the side.

  • A good idea
  • A domain name
  • Web hosting

Are you selling a new service or product? If it’s not new then what makes it unique? If it’s not unique then make it appealing. Work out how to make your offer more appealing than your competitors. The best marketing coaches can work out how to do this for you. 

Selling hammocks for monkeys? That’s a great idea. Now what’s your domain name?, Get creative with your domain name to add uniqueness to your brand.

Next you will need fast web hosting. Try to find hosting that is based in the same country that you want to market to.  You can often get great domain name + hosting packages. There will be recommendations here soon. Contact me for more information.