Trauma Informed Marketing.

Keeping it simple.

Simplified Trauma Informed Marketing Plans

With a trauma informed approach you will feel supported and understood.

No information about your trauma should be shared but making the coach aware that there are potential triggers can help a great deal.

An impact-monitoring system is helpful in a trauma-informed approach to ensure that you are comfortable with the coaching.

I am not a trauma-coach, psychiatrist or therapist. But – being made aware of the need for trauma-informed approach is all I need to help customise your marketing plan more effectively.

Discovering the Best Communication Methods for You

When starting a digital marketing coaching plan, it’s important for the coach to understand the client’s preferred method of communication (in-person meetings, phone calls, or emails).
Personalised communication preferences are not uncommon among trauma survivors, and they may even change during the coaching journey.
It’s vital that the coach engages in a trial period to discover which communication method(s) are the client.

Support From Someone Who Has an Understanding of Trauma

What makes this a trauma informed approach to marketing?


It’s important that my clients are never sought to complete unattainable  tasks.
Before establishing business goals, it’s vital that the coach and client get to know one another—this means a lot of listening and minimal talking at first.
Only once the coach has a clear understanding of the client’s marketing strengths and weaknesses will they be able to construct attainable marketing goals.


It’s important to understand my clients’ preferred method of communication. Whether you prefer email, text, phone or video call. 

I will make sure that your requirements are met and that if they change at any time then I will happily cooperate.

If any adjustments are needed to any part of the coaching plan then I am always happy to do so.

Your safety and health are more important than anything.


It’s vital that my marketing clients feel safe, supported and understood. 

I take care to ensure that my feedback is gentle and supportive. I always tailor my approach to feedback on an individual basis. 

It’s important to know where things are going wrong with your marketing, just as it’s important to highlight the good stuff.

If things need improving then we will look at that together as a team, without judgement or criticism.

Trauma Informed Marketing Coach

12+ Digital Marketing Features!

Digital Audit

Complete online marketing audit and a report that is easy to understand. I will check your online presence and report back to you on what can be improved and what is working well. We can then move onto the next stage.

Digital Marketing Plan

The results of the digital audit and a meeting with you by phone, video or email will inform this next step. We will work out what steps are best to take for short term and long term goals. The plan will be easy to follow.

Brand Upgrade

This is the creative part. Let’s look at your branding and how it helps to communicate your brand and values to your audience. From the logo to the tone-of-voice you use in communication – we will work out what the best vibe ofr your brand is. Then we will take steps to apply it consistently.

Audience Targeting

Are your posts, emails and keywords not generating any sales? Maybe there are many visitors but not much engagement. Whatever the issue is, we can define your target audience then create a simple plan together to make sure that the right people know about your business.

Thought Leadership

Becoming an expert in your sector is a fantastic way to create a succesful business. I will help you work out the steps needed to position yourself as a thought-leader in your business or sector. This builds customer confidence and can be boosted with branding that is on-point.

Stress-Free Task Planning

Do you have a tried and tested method to plan your work? Or are you constantly trying out new apps and planners, only for them to be forgotten about shortly after? I will help you work out how to build a routine that minimises stress but improves productivity.

Automation Tools

I can identify where parts of your marketing or mundane tasks can be done automated. Need to know where to use marketing automation on social media, your website, emails and SEO? I will show you what is best to use and how to set things up.

Digital Lessons

Are there apps or platforms that are giving you a headache? Set up a 1 hour video session with me and I will help you to untangle the steps. Maybe there’s something you have wanted to learn but have been put off by it. I can take you through it so you can learn a new skill that benefits you and your business for years to come.

Track Your Progress

I can set up a monthly or weekly analytics report for you that shows you the information that has value. From there I will help you understand what the important bits are. We will then use this data to improve your business.

Optimise for Google

I will run an SEO report on your website to identify what will help your website to improve in Google A simple steps approach to a higher ranking makes this a more enjoyable – less stressful experience!

Weekly Marketing Support

If you are in need of regular support we can set up weekly video, phone, text or email contact sessions. I will offer support, encouragement and help you fix any issues you may have. Sometimes just communicating your marketing problems with someone helps you to make sense of it yourself. But, it’s always comforting to know you have someone with 20 years of digital marketing experience on your team.

Live Marketing Support

Perfect if you are struggling mid-week and are in need of quicker support. You can add this to your package for fast-response marketing support. I will be there as quickly as possible to help you resolve any issues you are facing and offer support. It can feel lonely doing everything yourself sometimes, but I am only a a text away!

Trauma Informed Marketing Coach: Services

Unique Digital Marketing Experience

My 20 years of marketing experience can be of great benefit to you. I have found many easier ways to get things done without taking any shortcuts. In my role as marketing manager for different organisations, I was often tasked with untangling a lot of data. I struggled with this at first but because I have ADHD I worked out solutions quickly. These solutions really helped to simplify things for me and me teams. 

I can simplify what you need for successful marketing too. We can review your goals and plan the next steps to reach them – both short and long term. Let’s see how we can make digital marketing easier and as stress-free as possible!

Trauma Informed Marketing Coach on Your Team

I grew up with ADHD and did not know I had it until very recently. The clarity that the ADHD gave me opened my eyes to other elements that may have contributed to burn-out. I started Compassionate Enquiry therapy 9 months ago and it’s changing my life. 

Understanding and then healing my trauma wounds has enabled me to shed fear and start this business. I am not a therapist, counsellor or psychiatrist but my considerate approach means that you should feel seen and understood. I know there are a lot more people that are affected by trauma than it commonly understood.

Let’s see how I can help you with your digital marketing. Thank you for reading.


trauma informed marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Trauma doesn’t only result from extreme events such as accidents, or from one-off situations such as being assaulted. It can also be caused by repeated incidents such as living in a violent family, working in an abusive environment or suffering bullying. It’s not necessarily obvious when someone has experienced trauma, but this may well show up in how they relate to others. And for many people the effects will stay with them for their whole lives.

A Trauma-informed approach is a philosophy or way of thinking about and responding to people, which recognises that many people have experienced trauma in their lives, and treats them with respect and sensitivity.

With a trauma-informed approach, clients will feel supported and understood, and the coach will be aware of the client having cPTSD before sessions.

An impact-monitoring system also beneficial in a trauma-informed approach, as it helps coaches constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their coaching and how it may impact the mood of the client.

SAMHSA uses the four R’s to describe a trauma-informed business or system:

Realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand potential paths for recovery.

Recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system.

Respond by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices.

Actively resist re-traumatisation.

There are many strategies for implementing trauma-informed approaches into an organization, depending on the type of  business. 

About Childhood Trauma & cPTSD

We live in a world where children are constantly exposed to traumatic events and messages every day. These messages tell children that they are bad, stupid, unworthy, and may cause them to question their worth. As children deal with challenging situations, they are also constantly dealing with complex emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety.
These are profound challenges, but children are amazing creatures and are often able to cope with these challenges and emotions on their own, using skills and strategies they’ve developed over time. However, when adults in a child’s life fail to support them in positive ways, the negative impact is huge.
Criticism, blame, and shame often lead to feelings of guilt and humiliation that can damage a child’s spirit. When parents constantly criticize, they destroy a child’s hope and belief that they can make a difference. (Hope is an essential component of resilience.)
Often, when family members or peers interact with their child in this way  it is because they themselves have suffered from traumatic experiences, and they use these types of anger-driven strategies to deal with their own emotions. This is not a reflection on them, but rather an reflection of the lack of support they received as a child to deal with their own challenges.
Children who experience this type of harsh, punitive experience tend to have more emotional and behavioural difficulties, and are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and drug abuse as they grow up.
Research shows that children who experience emotional neglect experience the same level of damage as children who were physically abused.
What is trauma?
Trauma occurs when an event or experience is so overwhelming that it changes the way we respond  to the world and the people around us. Any stressful or traumatic experience can contribute to the development of trauma, but not everyone experiences trauma or experiences the same level of trauma.
Find out more about compassionate inquiry trauma support.

I'm proud to provide trauma informed marketing services to people who want to build a successful business.