Inclusive Neurodivergent Marketing.

Helping Neurodivergent People With Digital Marketing.

Neurodiversity Presents Amazing Opportunities in Business

Your uniqueness means you have the power to change the world. Many historical thought leaders, inventors, artists and world changers are widely believed to have been on the autism spectrum.

Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and Beethoven are just some of these hugely influential people. They made such an incredibly huge impact on the human race that they’re still influencing our thoughts and ideas to this day and will continue to do so forever.

There are many neurodivergent people changing the world as we speak. Your ability to see the world in a completely unique way is something a neurotypical person might struggle to imagine.

What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.

Using Your Unique Brain to Make an Impact

You probably already know that you have an amazing, unique view of the world. If you don’t already know that then I’m happy to let you know that! You have the power to make an amazing impact in life. Let’s see a few of the skills that make this possible…

Problem Solving

Your unique way of thinking might mean that you can solve difficult problems at light speed. You are able to see solutions where others have a blind spot.

To you the solution might seem obvious but to a neurotypical person, it might have taken much longer to work out. You may have even left a neurotypical person scratching their head at some point, as they wonder where your incredible solution has just came from.

In business and especially in marketing, this is an incredible skill to have.


You care about others and your work is often fueled by the desire to make others happy - and that is beautiful. You may be able to notice a slight change in someones tone.

This can serve as a guide to help you determine someones true feelings.

Living a life through this lens means you can build a successful business that makes a huge impact on peoples lives.

You may be more likely to consider how a person feels about using your brand which gives you tremendous insight into what will work and what wont.

Ideas Machine

You may have tonnes of ideas that come to you naturally. Your problem-solving skill can often lead to amazing life-changing solutions. That's amazing!

But the real power here is the ability to have a completely fresh take on something. Your brain is seeing the world in such a unique way that ideas may occur to you naturally.

Big ideas change the world and neurodivergent people are often the people who do this.


Are you passionate about what you are offering? If you are then that means you may be able to tap into your hyperfocus.

You might pick up new skills very quickly or learn at an amazing rate. Integrating your interests into your brand can be like rocket fuel. Was something boring and uninteresting to you about your brand?

Sprinkle a bit of your interests or your own voice into the mix and you might unlock a new level of productivity.

Neurodivergent Marketing for Unique Individuals

12+ Online Mentoring Support Features

Digital Audit

Let's delve into your unique business and see how we can improve your traffic. I will check your online presence and create a plan to help more people to see you...

Simple Steps Plan

Once we have met each other and I understand more about your unique way of thinking, I will incorporate that into your plan. I will create an easy-to-follow plan that is just for you...

Express Your Individuality

Let's see how we can add more of YOU into your branding. We will work out ways to help bring your individuality to the forefront and ustilise it to help grow your business.

Find The Right Audience

I will help you identify where your promotional campaigns should be directed. Then, I will show you how to make sure that your brand is seen by the right people.

Promote Your Expertise

You are a fountain of knowledge, show your audience. I can help you to be recognised as an expert in your sector. Once you are recognised as being knowledgeable in your sector - you have built an invaluable level of trust with your customers.

Practical Planning

Everyone plans their work differently. Some don't plan at all! A plan of action that is actually useful can help you reach your ultimate goals. All of your goals are achievable with the right steps laid out in a practical plan.

Build a Bot Army

No one has the time to perform all of the marketing tasks needed to make a successful business. There are several tasks that really help boost your business that can be done through automation. Let's see where we can build an automatic system for your tasks.

Teach Me

Want to learn a new skill? I can help you with 1-hour coaching sessions on an app, marketing method or platform of your choice. Learn software tips and tricks that help you to save time and money. Patient, live video coaching informed by your skillset.

Tracking Made Simple

Google Analytics can seem daunting to some. What if someone put all of the measurements that are useful to you in a monthly or weekly report? I can do that for you and then show you where you could improve.

Make Sense of Google

Organic search engine optimisation can create a consistent stream of revenue for your website. It takes time, but with the right methods you can create a money-making machine out of your website.

How's It Going?

I can support you on a weekly basis via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. I'd be on your team and there for you on a weekly basis to support you and guide you through any issues you may have faced.

Need Me?

Need more speedy assistance? Add this service for instant messenger and email support - 7 days a week. I want you to succeed so I am there when you need me.

Neurodivergent Marketing Mentoring

For Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Tourettes and more...
Online Business Support Features Available
  • Digital Audit - Online Marketing Audit and Customised Next Steps
  • Simple Steps Plan - Simplified, Easy-to-Follow Action Plan
  • Express Your Individuality​ - Branding Booster with Unique Brand Book
  • Promote Your Expertise - Help Becoming Recognised as an Expert in Your Subject
  • Practical Planning - Actionable, Achievable and Practical Planner Setup
  • Find The Right Audience​ - Put Your Brand In View of Potential Customers
  • Build a Bot Army - Help With Automating Time-Consuming Tasks
  • Teach Me - Conscientious and Patient Live Software Training
  • Tracking Made Simple - I’ll Produce a Regular & Helpful Analytics Report
  • Make Sense of Google - Help With Getting Ranked Highly In Google
  • How is it Going? - Weekly, Supportive Zoom Catch-Ups
  • Need Me? Instant Messenger & Email Support

Embracing Uniqueness

Neurodivergent people often connect really well with other neurodivergent people. I have ADHD so I have my own quirks and unique ways to enjoy my life. I have tried and tested so many different ways to get results in marketing, and I absolutely love helping other neurodivergent people get their own results. 

The amount of digital planners, apps, programs and methods I have used to help me with digital marketing is honestly crazy. I know what works for some and what works for others and I can help you work out what is practical for you. If you book a discovery call we can see how I can help you.

Support, Patience & Understanding

I’m not just saying this but if I would have known I had ADHD a long time ago – I would have loved to have the support of someone experienced in marketing who understood me. The problem I had was that I did not know I was ‘different’. If I had known then maybe I wouldn’t have learned ways to make things easier. 

This is why I know that the business I am building has incredible value to people. I believe I would have started this business a long time ago if someone understood my challenges and supported me. But, I felt alone, I felt like there were too many parts to make time for. I once tried to get a team together to build a review website that rated driving instructors – this was about 20 years ago. It was disheartening to know I had a good idea but I knew it was too big a project to take on my own.

The team I tried to get together did not have the time to help and the idea fell by the wayside. A few years ago one of the friends who tried to help get it off the ground messaged me – someone took my idea and ran with it. It’s now a huge success. Support from a marketing coach who understood me would have made such a huge difference in my life at that time. And that business would have been set up. 

I’m here to help you and support you turn your ideas into profit so you can realise your dreams.

I want to help people turn their ideas into profit. I can show you how to get amazing results whilst keeping the steps simple. I will create a bespoke digital marketing plan for you and give you the confidence to follow it. Your goals are achievable, you might just need directions to get there.