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I know how hectic running a business and organising your life can get.

How would it feel to have someone who has your back?

Someone who can help steer your marketing in a clear and productive way?

I can help you work out what will give your business or brand that extra boost.

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Simple Steps Marketing for Entrepreneurs


A comprehensive audit will help you to identify what you might be missing. Find out what your competitors are doing to attract business. Any opportunities to get some quick wins will be identified for a quick business boost. Short-term goals and long-term goals can be explored - then steps will be identified to reach them.


One of the most important features of excellent marketing coaching is leaving a lasting impression. We can see what can be improved and what's working. Is your brand engaging enough for your target audience? What's the tone of voice your brand is using? Let's identify what resonates with your customers and give those elements a boost.


What if your website was doing all of the work for you? Good organic search engine optimisation can lead to consistent sales and website visitors. What keywords are your competitors using to rank well on Google? Well, I can show you, then show you how to beat them. Let's get the basics spot-on then create an inbound source of consistent leads.

Social Media

How is your social media performing? Are you getting enough engagement? Are you not getting the likes, follows and interactions you'd hoped? Social media is not just about hashtags and posting good content. Let's see how your platforms can be boosted and come up with a plan that turns engagement into sales.


Do you have a scattergun approach to sales? Did you know that you can identify and target the right people with the right tools? Marketing coaching can help you to make sure your target audience sees your brand. Then let's create a sales funnel leading to sales from happy customers who come back again and again.


Having support in business can be the difference between success and failure. Having a marketing coach on your team - who cares about your success as much as you do can be a turning point for your business. Are you sometimes uncertain about whether you are doing the right thing? Or do you feel you just need support and encouragement?

Entrepreneur Marketing Coaching

12 Business Boosting Marketing Features!

Always Audit

Complete online marketing audit and simple-step report. I will identify any gaps and opportunities you may have missed. You will receive an easy to follow report that contains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Your first planning 1:1 session follows the audit. This is your first step to a business boost!

Simple Steps Plan

Simplified, no bullshit, tailored marketing plan. I will outline a plan that's informed by the audit and then work with you to customise it based on how you work. This short and long-term plan will be customised and simplified for your unique working style and will include easy-to-follow instructions. Take it step-by-step!

Uniquely You

Brand booster with brandbook. I will work with you to identify what can be improved about your branding. Is it unique? Does it stand out? Does it feel authentic? etc.. We will take your brand to the next level by getting creative and making it shine, and I will produce professional brand guidelines for you based on the outcome.

Seek, Show & Tell

Target audience strategy. My marketing coaching can help you identify your typical customer/follower/client and understand their interests and habits. Then we can take steps to ensure that they see your brand. We will then work out any alternative ways for your dormant audience to be targeted and map out a customer path that leads to sales.

You're The Expert

We will work out how to let customers, followers, or potential clients know that you are an expert in your chosen field. We'll position your brand in hard-to-ignore places, educating, building trust, and helping you to stand out from your competition. Then we can plan engaging content based around education and know-how.

Planning You Can Stick To​

Together we will look at how you plan your work-life. I know all too well how difficult it can be to stick to a plan so I will show you how to become friends with your next steps, then we will work together to build a system that works for you. Sometimes the easiest methods are the best! Marketing coaching from someone who understands your way of working can make a difference.

Team Auto-Bot

Automation setup & guidance. I will show you ways of automating certain tasks that you may not have the time or the capacity for. Some fiddly tasks can take too much time and energy, and eventually hit you in the pocket. We will see where we can use automation or bots that can manage the boring stuff so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.

Teach Me

1-hour training session. 1:1 simplified video training on a digital platform or app that you can't work out, want to learn, or need guidance with. I can go through my methods of using the platform, and if I haven't used it, I will work it out and then show you. There are not many programs around that I haven't worked with. Excludes Microsoft Excel! 😅

Tracking Made Simple

Analytics and tracking. Want to learn more about your audiences? Do you find it difficult or boring to use Google Analytics? I can set up a customised report for you that automatically updates itself and only displays the information that is important to you. We can also look at other tracking tools that may benefit you.

Make Sense of Google

I can teach you the basics of search engine optimisation and give you some valuable tips, helping your website to be found in search engines. I will cut out all the confusing bits and give you clear instructions on what steps to take to get found on Google and other search engines. High, unpaid placements for the right keywords can create consistent, long-term revenue.

How's It Going?

12 x Weekly 1:1 Accountability and Support Sessions. It's hard working alone, and having someone on your side who is willing you on to succeed can bring you balance and a much needed boost. I will try to untangle any issues you've faced and put you back on track. We will check in each week to see how you are getting on and I will fully support you each time.
You are not alone!

Need Me?

90-day Whatsapp & Email Support. Stuck with something? I'm only a message away and I will always do my best to get back to you quickly. I am on your team and here when you need me! Sometimes just venting a work-related frustration can be enough to help. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be a solution or you may spend too much time trying to work it out yourself. Send me a message, and we will work it out!

marketing for entrepreneurs

Small Business Marketing Coach

Find out how I can help small business owners get great results online. Contact me for more information or take the digital marketing quiz.

Unique Entrepreneur Marketing Coaching

I have been involved in marketing is different roles for 20 years. I have worked alone and as part of a huge team. Each marketing job I have had has given me different experiences, expectations and budgets.

I’ve learned a lot in a very diverse range of organisations. I want to help entrepreneurs to make money for themselves so they can live the life they want to live.

A Coach Who Cares – On Your Team

My unique marketing experience has provided me with the opportunity to learn countless methods of getting results. I love to share these methods will people who may only know one way to reach their marketing goals.

I am proud to help entrepreneurs and business owners who may be struggling to make their dreams become a reality, or they might just want that extra boost. 

I really do understand that everyone’s challenges are different, whether it’s time or resource constraints or just simply finding the whole thing too frustrating. I approach all my clients with a completely open mind and I want to create a safe online space for entrepreneurs to be themselves.

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What is Entrepreneur Marketing Coaching?

Entrepreneur Marketing Coaching is a form of marketing that has been adapted for business entrepreneurs.

The steps needed for a successful marketing plan can be confusing and frustrating, especially for busy entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur marketing coach can help people to clarify their main goals and create a pathway to get there – a simple step approach.

Entrepreneurs who may find aspects of marketing frustrating, annoying or simply do not have the resources or time. A good marketing coach can offer support and accountability to meet the unique requirements of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs who lack confidence who struggle with anxiety would also benefit from marketing coaching because the coach will have an excellent understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs face in marketing.

It can definetly feel like therapy to receive support, understanding and accountability! Having a marketing coach on your side to team to help show you what steps to take to effectively market your business can help to ease stress and help you to grow in confidence.

It came about naturally. The most enjoyable parts of my career have involved mentoring or coaching other people. I have mentored many apprentices and colleagues in the variety of marketing roles I’ve had in my career. I take great pride in helping people achieve results in business and in life.

Anyone who needs a helping hand with promoting their business or brand. I have worked with influencers, businesses, small business owners, charities and entrepreneurs. I especially love to work with clients who may have confidence or anxiety issues because I understand how frustrating that can feel to have fear holding you back. See how marketing coaching can help you to boost your business. Book a free marketing coaching call today! 

"I help people who are struggling to make their dreams become a reality. Entrepreneurs who may be held back by anxiety a lack of confidence in business or marketing."

"I have learned many ways to get results and I am now ready to share what I have learned with you. I care about entrepreneurs like you and I want to help you take the shackles off and reach your business goals. Find out how marketing coaching can help boost your business. Book a marketing support call.